というNBER論文が上がっているungated版)。原題は「Unpacking P-Hacking and Publication Bias」で、著者はAbel Brodeur(オタワ大)、Scott E. Carrell(テキサス大オースティン校)、David N. Figlio(ロチェスター大)、Lester R. Lusher(ピッツバーグ大)。

We use unique data from journal submissions to identify and unpack publication bias and p-hacking. We find that initial submissions display significant bunching, suggesting the distribution among published statistics cannot be fully attributed to a publication bias in peer review. Desk-rejected manuscripts display greater heaping than those sent for review i.e. marginally significant results are more likely to be desk rejected. Reviewer recommendations, in contrast, are positively associated with statistical significance. Overall, the peer review process has little effect on the distribution of test statistics. Lastly, we track rejected papers and present evidence that the prevalence of publication biases is perhaps not as prominent as feared.