という論文(原題は「Death by Pokémon GO」)をDigitopolyでJoshua Gansが紹介している。論文の著者はパデュー大のMara FaccioとJohn J. McConnellで、ポケモンGOリリース後の148日におけるインディアナ州チペカヌー郡の死傷者の評価損失額は520万ドルから2550万ドルの間、という推計結果を示している。米国全体に換算すると20憶ドルと73憶ドルの間になるとのことで、Gansは史上最大の負の外部性の一つであり、いかなるカルドア・ヒックス基準の補償もこれを是認できないだろう、と評している。

...an ordinary person might delve into the Tippecanoe County police reports of accidences and see if you could see a blip after July 6, 2016, when Pokemon Go was released to the public. And you would find that there was an increase in crashes near PokeStops after that date beyond what was occuring elsewhere. The data showed that of the 286 additional crashes that occured in the county after July 6 compared with the same period of time before, 134 were near PokeStops. These PokeStops were common but in a spatial sense not that common, so that is a big number. In terms of lives lost, this translated to 2 people.

Of course, these weren’t ordinary people. They knew that it wasn’t necessary people playing the game while driving that caused the accidents but instead people parking hoping out of their cars and running around in increased numbers that meant they might just be in the wrong place at the wrong time more often. Yes, Pokemon Go was to blame but it was as much to blame as a football match around Purdue stadium before and after game time. So how to work out if people were really idiots or not?
It turns out that the designers of Pokemon Go had themselves anticipated the potential idiocy of their customers and put in controls that prevented the game being used by driving. Thankfully — for the economist’s identification strategy that is — they didn’t do this for all PokeStops but for super-stops called Gyms where all the real action took place. If people were doing to park and get out of their cars and play the game and then get run over, this was where they were going to do it. For the economists, this meant they could see if this made a difference.

And it did. And what is more, despite the intensity of game play near Gyms, the number of crashes was significantly higher near PokeStops rather than Gyms! So it was morons playing while driving that was responsible for all of this.
そして、実際に違いは生じた。しかも、ジム近くでゲームが数多くプレイされたにも関わらず、衝突事故の件数はポケストップ近くの方がジムよりも有意に多かったのである! 従って、これらの事故はすべて、運転中にプレイしていた馬鹿者どもに責任があることになる。